• Chidinma Okoli

    Chidinma Okoli

    I write on Personal/Business Finance, and Investment in Africa. www.finlitafrica.com

  • Ibrahim Lawal

    Ibrahim Lawal

    My best friend is @ganeehrtsapna | I'm #Muslim, #Nigerian and an #ICT #Consultant | Software Engineer @paystack | Just say, “Alhamdulillah” :)

  • Luxe Ubuntu

    Luxe Ubuntu

    We're a concierge club building cultural bridges, providing high net worth clients authentic experiences with local people. www.luxeubuntu.com

  • WashingtonK Opaque

    WashingtonK Opaque

  • Mashabiki


    Interested in #collaborativeeconomy #sharingeconomy in Africa

  • Mike Kennedy

    Mike Kennedy

    Entrepeuner focused on helping emerging technology companies develop revenue and execute equity events.

  • Mary C. Thomas

    Mary C. Thomas

  • Sola Oderinde

    Sola Oderinde

    Founder/Head of Company/🔥STARTER at Derihunter Aquatransport, Derihunter.com.ng

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